7 Dec 2009

Real wedding :White, Pink and Green

One of the first things any couple needs to do when planning a wedding is to decide upon the style of the wedding - in particular the wedding theme and the wedding colour scheme.
The theme and colour help set the tone for the day and can also provide both the wedding party and all of the guests with a memorable and impressive experience. They can reflect your personalities, hobbies and interests and give your wedding the individuality and flair that it merits.
A sunny wedding at the end of September: the ceremony was arranged in the courtyard of an old farmhouse, outdoor in the garden. The sunny and warm  day   has brought out the decorations and the flowers  bright colors ,chosen by the spouses.

The catholic wedding was arranged under a white chuppah, decorated with pink hydragea and pink roses. The wedding couple chairs were decorated with big pink hydrageas, gysopholia, fuchsia ribbons, ficus leaves and green. The bridal  bouquet was made from white, pale and brilliant pink roses, from green moss, white freshia and pearls. Young bridesmaids wear little green baskets with roses petals. To keep the wedding theme, the bags were decorated with pink and fuchsia ribbons. White wedding cake shaped bubbles were arranged in a basket at the entrance of the wedding aisle.

An italian food wedding reception followed the ceremony, round tables were arranged in one of the old stable, nowadays renovated and transformed in a long room . Flowers centerpieces were fishball vases with pink roses floating and green leaves, placed on a square mirror , decoraded with sparkling pink gems. The bride's veil had a pink border and a big  silk pink peony decorated the wedding gown. As the italian wedding tradition requires:  a tasting of "confetti" (sugar almonds) was arrange on a big table, decorated with different glasses and fuchsia organza.

Wedding Pictures :  Studio Fotografando &  Mauro Pozzer
Wedding planning and decoration : Varese Wedding

4 Dec 2009

Winter Wedding in Italy

For people who don't mind the cold, winter can be a great time to travel to Italy and to get married. Italy offers a nice weather through the year and in winter can be terribly magic and romantic.

Pictures by lilianhaidar.com and bridesmagazine.co.uk

Tired of grey skies and chilly weather? Want to spend a few days wandering along sunny streets in milder climes? Or are you looking for snowy heights where the slopes call to winter sports enthusiasts? The cities are full of life, events, markets , all the businesses, bars and nightclubs that close down in the heat of the summer reopen for fun. Winter in the city is usually a busy, bustling time. Christmas doesn't dominate the entire season as it does in some other countries, but December can have a festive feel, with Christmas markets in many towns.

The final winter festivities come with Carnevale, the pre-Lent carnival. This is celebrated to different degrees throughout Italy (Venice's Carnival is the most famous and glamorous), but everywhere you will see small children dressed in fancy costumes ,confetti and sweets.

Real Wedding: A last minute event !

When Janine called me the first time to ask information about a wedding in Italy, she was desperate. She originally planned to get married aboard a cruise ship midway through a Mediterranean cruise whilst docked in Pisa. Two weeks prior to sailing, they were devastated to find out that they were unable to have the planned wedding. They had 100 guests and a wedding to arrange in such a short time.

Also for me it was a surprise, but I have not surrendered and I begin to work to find immediately a solution for them. It was an hard work, as we need to arrange a civil style wedding and a reception in a nice venue, very closed to Livorno, where the ship was going to stop, with a reasonable budget.

19 Nov 2009

Have a wedding Christmas in the Dolomites

Have a Wedding Christmas in the Dolomites !!!
We would like to suggest you a wedding before Christmas in Italy. The most romantic place in Italy during the Holiday Season is Trentino Alto Adige and its Dolomites. What's more romantic than having a wedding under the snow with the background of the Christmas lights and the Christmas markets ? Let's have a look at our christmas package:

* Accomodation in a 4 stars hotel for 4 nights in half board
* Civil wedding in Bolzano or Trento townhall
* Assistance with paperwork and legalities
* Interpreter for the ceremony
* 2 witnesses requested by the law
* Visit of the Christmas market
* Horse sleigh ride
* Candlelight dinner for 2 in a cottage ( accessible only by snowmobile)
* Cooking lesson

For more informations please contact us, let's have a look also on the other winter offer !!

10 Nov 2009

Have a Cinderella Wedding in Italy

Since you were a little girl, you dreamed about a fairy tale wedding, You pictured yourself with a princess bridal wedding, arriving on a carriage drawn by white horses in a beautiful castle. Now you are all grown up and your lover proposed you and your dream to have a Cinderella style wedding is not vanished! By the way having a castle or a fortress for your wedding it can be very expensive and there’s a lot of work to transform your dream into reality. But in Italy it’s not impossible and you can have your Fairy Tale Wedding, also staying within your budget.
Here they are some suggestions and ideas to arrange a Cinderella style wedding.

Wedding Theme Colour and Wedding StationeryFirst of all you need to decide about a wedding theme colour, it can be Disney style, in this case the colour is white and pink or white and light blue, if you decide about Enchanted Forest style , so the colour will be copper orange or chocolate or Medieval style with r
 ed or burgundy and gold .

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